Safe on shore!

Oct 24, 2023

Safe on shore – the first picture of the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse Lantern Tower awaiting its journey to Bexhill.

It will soon be on its way to Bexhill to form the centrepiece of a new Maritime Environment Centre planned for East Parade.

The lantern tower has been rescued by Bexhill Maritime, working in conjunction with Trinity House, the organisation which runs and looks after lighthouses in England and Wales.

It is pictured at Shoreham where it is awaiting asbestos-free certification.

It will then be stored at a secure location until the centre is built.

Bexhill Maritime has inspected the tower and says it is in remarkably good condition, especially since it has spent 53 years sitting in the English Channel.

The cabin section of the Royal Sovereign is being broken-up and recycled. All that is left now is the pillar, which is still visible on the horizon from Bexhill. This will be taken down next year.

So all that will be left is the lantern tower, which will become a focal point on the seafront.

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