Podcast about Royal Sovereign Lighthouse

Jan 22, 2024

The most recent episode of the Keeping Watch podcast features the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse extensively. There is an interview with the Royal Sovereign’s last Principal Keeper, Dave McGovern, as well as an archive recording of the lighthouse’s first Principal Keeper, Tom Whiston.

Other keepers who served on the Royal Sovereign share their own memories, and discuss what it was like to be on the tower in stormy weather. And Sussex resident Richard Evans talks about his attempts to interview Dave McGovern in the 1990s while the fog horn sounded every 28 seconds!

There is also an interview with Raymond Konyn (Bexhill Maritime Chairman) and Gordon Smith (Vice Chair), where they outline the project to save the lantern tower, how it was brought ashore and transported to Bexhill, and exciting plans for its future.

You can listen to the interview with Raymond Konyn and Gordon Smith from Bexhill Maritime here:


Or you can listen to the full podcast episode here:


You might find the following timings helpful:

11:48 Interview with Dave McGovern, the last PK at Royal Sovereign
31:08 Interview with Tom Whiston, the first PK at Royal Sovereign
38:08 Stormy weather: Experiencing the Royal Sovereign
40:14 The Royal Sovereign fog horn
40:50 Reflections on Duty: A Keeper’s Experience by Peter Halil
43:06 Attempting to interview the last keeper in thick fog
45:50 Richard Evans: Visiting the Lighthouse
57:00 The Lighthouse’s New Home: Bexhill Maritime
01:09:57 The Future of the Lighthouse: Plans and Challenges

The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, or you can download and listen from either of the two links below:




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